Rose Hot Chocolate by The Floral Mixtress


I have a Saturday morning ritual that is quite important to my sanity. I usually get up before the big D, put on my track pants and a comfy top and head on out to the lounge. I make myself a hot chocolate and some toast and curl up on the couch to listen to Saturday Morning with Kim Hill on National Radio. Once bolstered up by hot chocolate and edified by Kim Hill I feel sufficiently recovered from the working week to get on with my weekend.

My youngest sister gave me a heart mug with some hot chocolate sticks for Christmas and it has become an essential part of the ritual. It comes with a lid, with a heart shape on top which acts as a handle, so I can keep my hot chocolate warm if I am starving and need to fall upon my toast like a ravening beast before I get to the hot chocolate.

I wish I’d captured the handle on the side of the mug in the photo above as it is heart-shaped too – super sweet. However, I am far too lazy to go and take the photo again.

My youngest sister just married her long time beau and I have to show you a photo as they look so happy. I wish my Saturday morning hot chocolate had this effect on me. Maybe it would if I wore a lovely frock whilst drinking it… I suspect being on holiday in Fiji would also help. After the ceremony they had a cup of tea together, then some lunch and then went snorkling. They finished the day with a romantic┬ádinner on the beach before sunset after which her new husband pretended he was a chief during a kava ceremony. The photo below was taken long before the kava ceremony so those smiles must be due to true love and not a kava buzz. Awwwww.

Wedding Photo by The Floral Mixtress

My intestines are not terribly fond of dairy products so I used coconut cream in this recipe, but dairy cream would be lovely too. You need to melt the chocolate into the cream first otherwise your hot chocolate will split and be tiny lumps of chocolate floating in a mug rather than the smooth and creamy beverage you see above. I used white sugar as I didn’t want the caramel flavour of my preferred sweeteners (palm sugar/rapadura) in this drink. I think this drink tastes like the turkish delight chocolate bars I used to buy from our local dairy (convenience store) when I was a child.

Ingredients (per cup)

  • 1/3 – 1/2 C of dairy cream or coconut cream
  • 1/2 C of boiling water
  • 3 squares of 72% dark chocolate
  • 1-2 tsp white sugar
  • 1 tsp culinary rose water


  1. Place the chocolate squares and cream in a mug and microwave on high for 30 secs OR heat in a saucepan until melted.
  2. Put the kettle on to boil.
  3. Remove the mug from the microwave and stir until the chocolate is thoroughly mixed with the cream.
  4. Add the sugar and then the boiling water and stir to combine.
  5. Add the rose water and stir again.
  6. Curl up on the couch with a good book or radio show and dreamily sip your hot chocolate.